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Monday, June 12, 2006

Gratitude, Part 2

Ok so you’ve had your perfect day surfing. You’re filled with serenity. The stoke courses through your veins as walk through the pine trees toward that primitive parking lot. Time to go home, have a late dinner and drift off to sleep to the sound of palms in the wind. But when you turn that key to your truck that has started faithfully for ten years you hear only a pathetic clicking sound. Now where’s your gratitude, huh? It’s dark, you’re at the bottom of a rut-laced mud track and your car isn’t going anywhere. How fucking ENERGIZED are you now, huh?

Ok, deep breath. Maybe friendly surfer people camped on the beach have jumper cables. Ah ha! They do! Let the gratitude flow once more! But what’s this? It doesn’t work. Your battery won’t take a charge. Friendly surfer man is sympathetic but there’s nothing he can do. What happened to that bliss that filled you only a few moments ago?

I guessed it passed just as everything does, good or bad. So maybe living in Hawaii isn’t so different from living anywhere else. Sure it’s beautiful and the weather is great but people still get sick, bills still have to be paid, and the whole range of disappointments that go along with being human are present including cars that won’t start.


At 6/16/2006, Blogger Summer Pierre said...

So THEN what happened? How'd you get home? What's up with your vehicle? what a cliffhanger!


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