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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Closer to Home

Well I haven’t been to any exotic countries lately, so in the tradition of many greats in the blogosphere allow me to tell you about two cats I recently came to know. Meet Binky (sleeping in photo) and Domino.

A noted cat expert on Kauai recently observed that Binky has six toes, but it turns out he actually only has five per paw (for a total of 20). It’s only the unusual placement of one toe only creates the illusion of the “sixth toe.” Planet Haolewood efforts to photograph this phenomenon have so far been stymied by a dead camera battery. Binky’s interests include napping and attempting to persuade anyone passing him on the porch to feed him.

Domino shares Binky’s interest in both napping and food solicitation, but he has also branched out into climbing the screen door and lengthy, intense starring contests with the neighbor’s dog. Once he caught a rodent and ate most of it on the porch, leaving the tail as a demonstration of his awesome hunting skills.

The only real impediment to total fulfillment as cats for these two is the local human population’s stubborn denial of their god-given rights as cats to go anywhere they want anytime. They are not allowed inside the house. Binky has identified cat sympathizers within the human community and manipulates them deftly into letting him in on occasion and while Domino has mastered the art of opening the screen door himself, he often hesitates to actually enter, preferring to sit outside and quietly contemplate the open door as a symbol of feline rights.

Be assured that Planet Haolewood will provide updates on this important new topic.


At 4/03/2009, Blogger Time Eagle said...

I think you've really hit the nail on the head in terms of large-toed cat reporting. Research has shown that a majority of feline toe-related confusion could be avoided through a simple series of daily instructional classes. Classes last from 3-6 months, depending on cat-toe specialty.


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