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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Who's Next?

Some people visit Kauai and decide not to leave. As I was saying in my last blog entry I have some friends that go way back but none goes further back than the one sleeping on my couch right now, who I will call Pussycat. I was so young that I can’t remember meeting her but it must have been around the first or second grade when we were both students at Rivendell, a one-room, parent-run co-operative school with about 15 students K-6. It made Peninsula School, which we both later attended after Rivendell expired, seem large and conservative by comparison. It was not the kind of school where one learned to spell very well but how many one-room school houses put on performances of The Ramayana? Or cancel all classes and devote an entire day to roller skating?. Perhaps it was those early experiences that gave Pussycat her gift for thinking outside the box.

And for most people moving from Estonia to Kauai might seem like a big deal but for her it seems natural. The day she arrived was warm as always but somewhat rainy and not so nice by Kauai standards. Even so, within 24 hours she was looking at rentals in the paper and now she has signed a lease, re-scheduled her return flight acquired several appliances and applied for jobs in the area. In all the years I’ve known her I’ve never seen her so excited; it’s like someone who has just fallen in love.


At 10/31/2006, Anonymous Dirk said...

Estonia IS quite different from Kauai.


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