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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Jay or Emile?

The problem with having more surfboards is that I have to choose one each time I go out. Perhaps it would be easier to describe the situation if I gave my boards names. Let’s call my 9’6” tri-fin Matt. My 8’-0” I’ll call Rolly. My new boards I’ll name Jay and Emile. On Friday I took out Jay. All things being equal Jay is my favorite right now so I when in doubt I pick him. But the waves were small and probably Rolly would have been the best choice. On Saturday the waves were supposed to be big so I took Emile, who is best suited to larger waves, but alas I had trouble catching anything because while the waves were big they weren’t big enough for Emile. Jay would have been the best board.

Cameron, the guy who sold me Jay and Emile, called me after work and told me Chicken Wings was epic (meaning the waves were good there) and suggested I bring either Jay or Emile. I put them both in the back of my truck but when I saw conditions for myself I remembered how I regretted choosing Emile and went with Jay. It was a good choice.

Incidentally, just so no one reading this blog will persist in the idea that the weather is ALWAYS nice on Kauai, I will tell you that the emergency broadcast system came on the radio twice today while I was at work: first to issue a flash flood warning and a few minutes later a high wind advisory.

Without rain there are no rainbows or waterfalls and without wind there’s no surf .


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I feel so unused!


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