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Monday, June 25, 2007

Moron -oops I mean- More On Shoes

In my world there are basically two kinds of shoes: flip-flops and everything else. Flip-flops are good for any situation except particularly rocky or muddy travel in which case you need something from the second category. (See my previous blog entry about shoes for more info on that. –I’m too lame to make a hypertext link)

A recent visit from my dear friend, Dude E., however, has led me to the realization that there is yet another form of shoe with which I am almost entirely unfamiliar. This third category of shoe would appear to have no practical value whatsoever. They seem to be designed to be worn INDOORS and become useless at the first sign of gravel, rocks or mud. They have no traction and in some cases elevate their wearer above the ground making balance difficult. They come in a bewildering variety of designs and colors. It almost seems as though they are meant to be admired more than worn, like something you’d hang on your wall or place decoratively on your coffee table.

So what a sophisticated women like Ms. E supposed to do when she has to scramble down a hillside and swim under a waterfall? Maybe she just hasn’t found herself in such a situation that often. Bare feet seemed to work nicely.


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