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Saturday, December 22, 2007


One of the best things about surfing is how the ocean can surprise me just when I think I have it figured out. Conditions have been pretty flat lately, unusually so for this time of year. But there is always hope so on Tuesday after work I loaded up Matt, since it’s the board best suited to small waves, and headed down to check out The Bowl. I was not impressed. So I gave up on surfing that evening and sat in my truck looking out at the sunlight streaming through the clouds onto the green mountains and the sparkling bay.

Generally speaking The Bowl breaks bigger than other nearby spots so if its too small there, the prospects aren’t good, but after a while I decided I had nothing better to do than go and check out another spot even if it was a lost cause. Lo and behold Grandpa’s was pumpin’. I got a number of good waves on a day that I had totally given up on.

My absolute favorite time to surf is Friday after work. I cannot imagine a better way to end the week. Maybe my mind was on surfing but I forgot my lunch bag at work today and it contained not only my paycheck but also the envelope my boss had given me which presumably contained my Christmas bonus. I realized my mistake when I got home.

It’s dark by 6:15 this time of year so to make the 50 minute round trip to the job site would mean missing out on Friday surfing. What to do? I did not relish the idea of leaving my lunch bag and its important contents at the jobsite but Friday only comes once a week after all. So I loaded up Matt and headed to Middles. A beautiful evening with some nice waves.

After I had eaten dinner and showered I returned to the jobsite and retrieved the bag which was sitting right where I had left it. The moon was shining so brightly that I did not even need the flashlight I had brought.


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