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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Damn, it's cold!

Researchers here at Planet Haolewood have concluded that lack of sunshine coupled with copious rain is significantly correlated with decreased surface ocean temperatures. Practical implication: it’s time for a new wet suit.

When I moved to Kauai it was May and I thought it was pretty hot. One of the first things I did was buy a rash guard so I that I wouldn’t get sun burned while surfing. I was so concerned about the heat that I bought a white rash guard instead of black reasoning that it would reflect the suns rays. That first summer I surfed with no wet suit.

By the time winter came along I realized that being too hot while surfing was really not much of a problem. It’s often windy or overcast or both here and I usually go surfing around sunset when it’s cooler. I wanted a wetsuit but I had no desire to revisit the straightjacket like experience I had when I used to surf in Northern California. So I got a sleeveless shorty with an open collar, no arms and no legs below the thigh. I figured I’d wear it during the winter only but I ended up wearing it year round. It served me well until now.

The weather hasn’t been too great lately. The surf is good but a lot of surfing is time spent sitting on your board waiting for a wave. What happens when I get cold surfing is that I stop having fun. When a wave comes I don’t feel motivated to paddle for it which is ironic because not moving around just makes me colder. So yesterday I bought a brand new spring suit with short sleeves and a collar that seals up around my neck. Am I a wimp? Perhaps. It’s as cold as it ever gets in Kauai and many of the surfers around me are wearing nothing but a bathing suit. Still I’d rather be a warm wimp and have more fun surfing than a cold wimp paddling in early because he can’t stop shivering.


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